Attention! Want to scale your business in 2023 and learn how to use Facebook & Instagram ads to build funnels and increase your passive income?

You're invited for Round 3 of Easy Ads & Funnels School...


...but WITHOUT the overwhelm and thousands of dollars most ad agencies require to do it for you?


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Looking back at the past 5 years since starting this business, there were 3 tipping points that led me to go from $0 to celebrating $100k months:

1. I learned how to attract an audience online and got super clear on my signature offer.

2. I built a funnel that turns complete strangers on the internet into paying clients.

3. I invested in Instagram & Facebook ads to truly scale my income.

If you had told me even 2 years ago that THIS was possible, I wouldn't have believed you...

...but the numbers don't lie:

If you're a coach, course creator, service provider, or product business owner, who wants to learn how to use Facebook and Instagram Ads to start SCALING their business in 2023 WITHOUT...

spending all day on social media trying to attract new leads

doing exhausting launches that burn you out and leave you feeling disappointed

paying THOUSANDS of dollars to an ad agency that may or may not deliver

Then it's important you read every word on this page!

"My goal for 2020 was to make six figures"

With Carla’s coaching and strategic insights, I’m ecstatic to say that I more than surpassed that. I’ve had multiple five-figure months this year and I crushed my goal by bringing in $125k...which is triple(!) my income from last year. Needless to say, Carla has been instrumental in my success this year!!"

- Brittany, @brittanyb_therd

At the beginning of 2021, I teamed up with my friend and Facebook/Instagram ads specialist Anders Thomsen to bring you Easy Ads & Funnels School, an online course with a TON of live support that will make scaling your business with ads simple, cost-effective, and even fun!  

What we learned in the process of running this course, is that Facebook and Instagram Ads are great...

...BUT if you really want to succeed, you need to learn how to build profitable funnels, too.

This is why we decided create...




(WITHOUT having to hand over thousands of $$$ to an ad agency each month!)

Imagine if you could...

👉 Automate your lead generation and attract THOUSANDS of new potential customers. Every. Single. Month.

👉 Take total control over how many people visit your website, subscribe to your email list, and how many SALES you get each month (rather than posting on social media and crossing your fingers in the hopes the algorithm will show it to the right people)

👉 Understand how to target the RIGHT people: people who are going to subscribe and BUY your products, services, or courses (rather than just follow and like).

👉 Manage your own budget and decide how much you spend and how fast you scale (and no, you don't need a ton of money in the beginning. I started with $150/month!).

👉 Do all of that WITHOUT having to pay thousands of dollars to an ad agency (each month!) that may or may not deliver...

What would this all mean for your business and life? 

For me, it meant more income, more impact, and more freedom.

I went from little and inconsistent income to generating 10k, 20k, 30K and even 100k months!

I went from stressing about sales each month to feeling confident in knowing I could actually count on a consistent income each month, pay my bills, finally invest in me, not just my business.

I found extra time to expand my offers, create more value, connect deeper with my dream clients, and yes, take more time OFF!

I now get to enjoy showing up on social media because I don’t have to manually rely on it to do the heavy lifting for me anymore with so many “sales-y” and promotional posts.


In Easy Ads & Funnels School you'll learn:

FB & IG Ads Foundations & Set Up ($297 Value)

  • Set up your account, use your pixel, and navigate the Ads Manager with ease and without the tech overwhelm
  • The best types of ads to run for your business - whether you have a product-based, service-based, or online course business
  • How the iOS14 update is changing the way of Facebook/Instagram ads - and what YOU need to know to succeed with these new rules

Targeting & Attracting The RIGHT People ($297 value)

  • Understand how to target the right audience - even if you're starting out and don't have a huge following or email list
  • The difference between custom, lookalike, and interest audiences and which will work best for YOUR business right now
  • Set up your first (or next) profitable FB/IG ad campaign that will attract thousands of new leads and customers each month (without you having to spend hours online!)

Successful Scaling ($297 value)

  • You don't have to have a huge budget to start running ads! We'll show you how to hit the ground running with as little as $5-10/day and scale from there
  • Scale your ads in a way that will minimize your risk and give you total control over your budget
  • Know exactly what to test in each phase and how to duplicate your most successful ads

Funnels & Passive Income ($297 value)

  • Understand how to create a smooth client pathway that will continue to convert your leads into paying clients
  • Create highly converting opt-in pages to increase your conversions while decreasing your cost
  • Learn how to use upsells, downsells, and tripwires to increase your revenue per customer and start generating passive income - even if you're starting out


$149/MONTH or $349/QUARTERLY

Most Ad Agencies will charge your THOUSANDS of dollars EACH month to run your campaigns (ad spend NOT included).

If you want to have control over your budget and learn how to get results and a return on your investment, this membership is a STEAL. Trust us, there isn't anything out there that compares in content and support - not to mention at this price. We've looked. ;)

You're also getting these bonuses!

Live Coaching ($4,997 value)

  • 3x monthly Q&A sessions with your coaches Carla and Anders
  • Share your screen with us and let Anders work inside YOUR ads manager (PRICELESS if you ever get stuck!)
  • Receive feedback and coaching on your copy, ad images, and pages in order to continue to improve your results

Live Support In Our Private Community ($997 value)

  • Get access to Anders & Carla inside our private FB group for questions that arise as you start running your ads
  • Additional resources and tools to make your ad and funnel creation even easier
  • Connect and collaborate with our members and network with other rising stars in the industry

Magnetizing Graphics Templates ($197 value)

  • Get access to Carla's best-performing ad images & graphics
  • Simply edit the templates in Canva and customize them to match your brand
  • These images and graphics are the exact ones Carla has been using to generate over $1m in revenue
  • All of these graphics comply with FB's text/image ratio rules - all you have to do is plug & play

Connect & Convert: Copywriting hacks for creating better ads ($297 value)

  • How to write ad copy to increase sign-ups and conversions
  • Headlines formulas that will draw your audience in
  • The most important things to look out for to get your ads approved
  • Access to Carla's ad copy examples

Carla's high-converting Leadpages templates ($997 value)

  • Get exclusive access to 9 of Carla's landing pages, thank you pages, and upsell pages inside Leadpages
  • These pages have converted from 50-80% (industry standard is 30%!)
  • Plug & play your own copy and customize the colors to match your brand

Ready to SCALE your income?

"Since joining Easy Ads School...

  • my online sales have gone up by 800%
  • my sales funnel has increased by 5,500%
  • my cost per lead has gone from $3.57 to $0.27!
  • my Instagram engagement has gone up by 671%

I'm recommending Easy Ads School to all my friends and colleagues!

- Heidi @ithelargessecompany

"Within ONE month of running ads, I added 150 leads to my email list and signed 3 high-ticket clients!!

Anders and Carla teach you everything you need to know to go from knowing absolutely nothing about FB & IG ads to set them up, run them and most importantly see results!"

- Stacey, @iamstaceyspeller

"I feel so much more confident about running my ads! 

I started with an ad budget of €300 and already made my investment back 5 times! I also grew my email list by 800 leads in a matter of 2 months!"

- Anna, @holisticbizguide

"Going into this I had no idea about how to start a business, grow my email list, or even where to begin. 

In less than 2 months I have more than tripled the size of my email list, created an awesome freebie (which has gained so much traction), learned to utilize FB Ads, and the secrets to selling them through emails.  This is just the beginning for me."

- Chi Quita, @thechiquitamack

"Since working with Carla I've created a very clear concise plan for how I launch new classes and products that's been extremely successful.

I came to Carla because I wanted to move my business online after Covid happened.

Within 1 year I sold 500 online courses!"

- Katie, Katie's Healing Kitchen

Who is Easy Ads & Funnels School for?

Easy Ads & Funnels School is for you if...

You have a product-, service-, or online course business and are ready to automate and scale

✅ You have proven offers (online courses, programs, or services) that you know are valuable and aligned and you are really ready to scale them despite the fear of failure, visibility and imposter syndrome.

  You’re ready to dive in and create funnels including freebies, upsells, down sells, and offers that require little of your 1-1 support and will generate more and consistent clients on autopilot.

✅ You are committed to a minimum of 3 months and understand that testing ads, images, and copy (text) is necessary and part of the process to really find your rhythm

✅ You have a budget to invest in your ads. It doesn't have to be huge, but you're willing to invest at least $10/day

✅ You are open-minded and solution focussed, and are ready to take full advantage of your access to both coaches and support in the Easy Ads School!

✅ You are ready to start growing your sales, even if it feels scary and imposter syndrome creeps up

Easy Ads & Funnels School is NOT for you if...

You’re totally new to the online world and don’t have an offer or any idea of who you want to serve

You have an offer (or an idea for one) but you haven't really enrolled any clients or know how to attract them

You're completely overwhelmed by technology and don't have the budget to invest in advertising or support

You’d rather try and piece together free information you find online and spend all day watching free webinars instead of investing in your business and fast-tracking your growth

You’re not willing to try different things or leave your comfort zone in order to get different results

You’re not willing to learn the technology necessary to implement the strategies. You don't need a Master's degree in coding to run your own ads but you will be required to follow step-by-step instructions in order to set up your campaigns.

Meet your team of coaches:


An Online Marketing wingman to entrepreneurs and small businesses, who want to get better leads and more sales via Facebook and Instagram ads.

With a background in Communications, Sales, and Marketing, Anders loves looking at his clients' bigger picture and create a strategy that helps entrepreneurs truly scale and grow their businesses.

When he's not doing ads, he travels and lives out my foodie fantasies in restaurants around the world. 


With over $400.000 in ad spend and a return of over $1,000,000, Carla has witnessed the power of Facebook & Instagram ads to scale my business.

She ran my own ads for 3 years (and took my business to 6-figures) before starting to work with ad agencies, and some of the ads her agency is running today are the exact images she created 5 years ago.

Carla believes in learning and understanding how to scale, before blindly handing it over to someone else.

She can't wait to show you how to do it yourself and share her experience with you and help you create passive income!

Let us help you scale your business! You in?

"I would not have gotten off to such a good start in my business without Anders’ help. It’s such a relief to get help with all the basics and get a good supporting nudge when needed.

Anders helped me sell out my camps very fast when I couldn’t myself, and he gave me a 10x return on the money I spent on selling my 1:1 sessions.”

- Ditte,

Before I started Easy Ads School with Carla and Andres, I was petrified of the back end of the Ads Manager! But after spending time, learning by doing and having hands on help and feedback, I am now empowered to do it over and over again. They both break down the process, step by step, making it a much more creative process than I would have ever have expected. 

After running a few targeted and strategic ads, I have been able to add 100’s of new subscribers to my email list via my free resources. I have noticed a more engaged audience and am looking forward to bigger possibilities in the coming months!!

However, the best part of the group is the community we are building together. It’s become a safe place to learn, grow and share big ideas!

- Susan, Susan Salzman

"Anders is a wizard when it comes to Facebook ads.

He immediately found ways to improve our campaigns. By now we have seen a doubling of leads already and more importantly a much higher quality of leads in general!"

Ådne, Learnist

With everything you're getting you'll know exactly how to...

Set up your account, use your pixel, and navigate the Ads Manager with ease and without the tech overwhelm

Automate your lead generation and attract THOUSANDS of new potential customers. Every. Single. Month.

Scale your ads in a way that will allow you to go at your own pace, minimize your risk and give you total control over your budget

Target the right people and grow your audience on autopilot - even if you're starting out and don't have a huge following or email list

Run the best types of ads for your business - whether you have a product-based, service-based, or online course business

Understand how Facebook/Instagram ads are changing- and how to succeed with these new rules

Ready to take your business to the next level?

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this program for?

This program is for you if you have a product-, service-, or online course business and want to learn how to automate your sales and scale your income through Facebook & Instagram ads. Rather than paying thousands of dollars to an agency, you want to learn how to run and manage your own profitable ad campaigns.

Why should I bother learning this skill? Why not find someone to do it for me?

Facebook and Instagram ads have the potential to hugely scale your business - far beyond anything you're probably even imagining right now. The thing is, good ad agencies are hard to find AND they are expensive (I pay mine $5,400 each month!).

There may come a point when you're ready to truly scale (this was me, 3 years in), where investing in working with an agency makes total sense. However, if you're going to hand over thousands of dollars PLUS money to run the ads, you want to understand what works and what doesn't. You want to have at least a basic understanding.

How does this program work?

Easy Ads & Funnels School is a Membership program in which you'll have access to live training sessions, recordings, monthly Q&A calls, as well as support inside a private Facebook Group. You will have access to all content and support for as long as you stay in the membership. You can cancel at any time.

How long can I expect it to take before I start to see a return on my ad spend?

The way we teach Facebook & Instagram ads will allow you to see how well your ads are running within days of launching your campaigns. This will give you total control over how much you spend, how fast you scale, and how profitable your campaigns will be.

I don’t have a product/service/course created yet but do have freebies, would running ads make sense for me at this time?

Our goal is for you to see a return on your investment ASAP.

Inside the course, you'll learn how to create mini offers (offers under $30 also known as "tripwires") which you can start selling on the "thank you pages" of your freebies. These are a great way for creating passive income and recovering your ad spend while you're getting ready to launch your main offer.

Facebook & Instagram ads are a fantastic way for growing your email list so that when you're ready to launch, you have people in your audience who know, like, and trust you and are ready to buy from you.

Does this program help with ad copy (text) or is that for us to figure out on our own?

Yes, you'll learn the exact formulas and templates for writing ad copy (text) that will increase your leads.

You'll also receive some of Carla's best-performing graphics in form of templates you can use for your own ads.

I am a new entrepreneur and am still building offers and niching into my dream client, would Easy Ads School be a fit for me now or should I wait?

In order to start running your own ads, you will need to have a solid understanding of who your ideal client is so that you can target them. If you're unclear on who you want to work with, this course is not a good fit at this time.

What format is the course offered in?

The course will be delivered in form of pre-recorded videos and 3x monthly live coaching calls. You will have access to all of the recordings, any additional tech lessons we create, as well as a private Facebook Group where'll you'll be able to ask questions and get support.

Does this price include money to spend on ads?

No. Any money you want to invest in your advertising is not included in the monthly price.

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes, you can cancel at any point. Just let us know at least 5 days before your next billing period.

We know that in order to succeed with Facebook & Instagram ads, testing your campaigns, images, and copy (text) is necessary and part of the process to really find your rhythm. This takes time and we want to ensure you'll be feeling 100% supported. It's very easy to spend money on ads without getting results if you don't know what you're doing. We know this and we also know that $149/month can SAVE you a LOT of money in the long run.

Can I switch payment plans?

Yes, you can switch at any point. Just let us know at least 5 days before your next billing period.

Can I get a refund?

You can cancel your membership at any time but we do not offer refunds for the months you stayed in it. When you join you will have instant access to all the content and support. If you decide to cancel you will continue to have access until the last day of your monthly billing period.

Ready to get off the hamster wheel & start automating your lead generation?


*cancel anytime.